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Knowing and Walking In Spiritual Authority. By Apostle Benjamin L Denny

So many people today in the body of Christ really have no idea who they are. Sick oppressed and depressed. Life struggles is dictating to them, instead of them dictating to life, God has giving to us power and Authority to reign on this earth. We are children of the most high God .As you prayerfully read this book it will help you know and walk in Spiritual Authority. In Addition, you will know who you are and how to properly apply the word of God in your life. In addition, walk in total victory. This book will change your life for the glory of God. please support and purchase my new book. E-Book Also Available call 1 888 795-4274 ext 7879 order online at www.xlibris. com or visit your local book stores If you would like a autograph copy. purchase below thank you for your support.

Price: $15.99

Un-forgiveness Uncut

As I road down the street one day tears rowed down my eyes I was crying so hard without feeling any pain or sorrow, as I consulted the Holy Spirit I was being cleansed from inner unforgiveness that I thought I was free from, as you will read and find out you have hidden unforgiveness, in reading this book it will be revealed and deliverance will heal and expose and give you total freedom from these inner strongholds that keep in bondage, read on and be free and stay free in Jesus name.

Price: $15.00

What You Thought You Knew About Prayer and Fasting”

There are many books I’ve read on fasting in the past, I will never condemn my brother or sister on what God gave them to write, they are all good books. God gave me revelations on fasting, I’ am only adding to what God told me to write. Do you want to ask him? Please read the book and I’ am sure you will agree with his word.

Price: $13.00

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