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Spiritual Authority Church, Is a non denominational Apostolic Faith base Church. In addition to preaching and teaching, S.A.C focuses mainly on deliverance and inner healing to Individual's who are demonically bound. Apostle Benjamin L. Denny along with his wife Prophetess Nedra Denny, have a strong anointing of deliverance to the total man. Multitudes have already experienced firsthand the mighty way the Lord moves through this powerful man and woman of God. Many have been set free from Depression, Cancer, Drugs, Alcohol and other strongholds of Satan through Apostle Denny's ministry. Apostle Denny him self was delivered by the Power of God from drugs and can relate to those who are bound themselves.(John 8:36 If the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed.) we believe the same works Jesus did we can do also Apostle Denny the Author of such Book as, "Knowing & Walking in Spiritual Authority" . Prophetess Nedra Denny is the Author of Books, "What you thought you knew about prayer and fasting" and "Un forgiveness Un cut".

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